This table lists information about research units and their projects available for interns. Additionally, you can learn about more of the research going on at OIST here. Please have a look and see if there is anything suitable to your interests. As we continue to grow new areas of focus will be added, but main fields represented at OIST are in the areas of science and technology.

Since we receive thousands of applications we are not able to handle individual special requests. You may resubmit your application (start over) and we will disregard the original one. Please be sure to notify your recommender of the correct application to which he/ she should respond. Please be careful not to make any mistakes.

To minimize the chance of technical problems, please be sure to have all of the correct documents (as PDF files), your photo (as a JPEG file) and all text answers prepared in advance, and complete the application in one brief session.
If your internet connection is not strong, it would be best to minimize the number of tabs open in your browser window(s) while completing the application.

As we have thousands of applicants to our program, we are not able to take the time to individually handle special requests. We would certainly welcome your application in future application rounds if you are unable to make the current deadline.

If you don't know which are your family name/last name and given name/first name, that's OK. Some countries don't have that concept.
So please enter "," comma to the family name field and put all your name in the given name field.


The recommendation letter needs to be received by the day of the submission deadline. Please plan your application submission accordingly.

For students who have not yet graduated, we are able to accept an unofficial transcript or other official university document showing your courses and grades.

We accept recommendation letters from any supervisor/ professor who is familiar with your work and your character. It is not required that the recommendation be from your current supervisor, but it is in your best interest to request a recommendation from someone who is able to comment on your abilities and potential relevant to research for your proposed internship.

Minor changes to timing of internships is to be expected, and does not present a problem. For accepted intern candidates, final steps include confirming dates with both the accepting faculty member and the intern. Major changes to internship dates are strongly discouraged and can lead to the cancellation of an internship offer. Please consider timing in advance and apply during the appropriate round for your dates.

A common reason for submission issues is the format of the entered e-mail address. Following are the most common causes of e-mail errors:

  1. Space in front or end of the email
  2. Invisible 4 byte unicode character inserted in the email address. This often happens when you copy and paste email address from other document files. Please clear the column and re-type the email address using the keyboard
  3. Please also check your email address field too. You need to have both email addresses(yourself/referee) in correct format to avoid the error message.


It is the responsibility of applicants to check the status of recommendation letters.

If you need to change the contact information for a recommendation letter, the only way is to resubmit your application with the corrected details. Duplicate applications will be disregarded.