Application Procedure

Research Intern places are awarded twice a year on a competitive basis. Deadlines for application are listed in the table below. Selection is highly competitive, and depends on suitability of the intended research, a student's academic background, and available funding and space. Professors accepting students under these programs will review the student’s qualifications, research capabilities, and academic training in a comprehensive manner. Information is available below regarding research units that can provide research intern positions in any year, and the type of projects offered.  Please keep in mind that listed numbers indicate maximum availability, and only a portion of the total open positions are filled in each round.  

The applicant is notified of the receipt of an application, and then of the outcome of their application once a decision has been made. As some of these notifications are automatically generated, please check your bulk or junk mail folders if you do not receive an expected notification to your inbox. OIST Graduate School will send the application result by email, typically within 3 months after the submission deadline.  For successful applicants, confirmation of internship participation must be made months in advance as ample time must be allowed for the issue of a visa and other necessary Japanese government documentation.


Those eligible to apply for the OIST Research Internship Program include excellent students enrolled at graduate or undergraduate programs in universities, colleges, junior colleges, and vocational schools in Japan or overseas, or recent graduates of such institutions (within one year of the application deadline). Currently enrolled students must have approval from their home institution. If you are currently a student, please confirm with your institution.  Applicants should be at least within the top 25% of students in their program.

Application Deadline

All application documents, including the letter of recommendation, must be sent by the deadline listed below for your intake dates.  Application periods correspond to time ranges in which your internship starts.

The deadline for your application depends on the day you plan to start your internship.  For example, if you plan to start May 1st, your "Desired Starting Date" is in the range of April 1st -  September 30th, so the deadline is October 15th.

Actual internship periods may include parts of two or more separate intake periods (for example, you could request an internship that lasts from January 10th - May 10th).

Desired Starting Date Range
(the internship may extend beyond this period)

October 2019 - March 2020

April 2020 - September 2020

 Application Period March 15th - April 15th, 2019 September 15th - October 15th, 2019
Approximate Date of Result Announcement July 2019 January 2020


Required Application Materials

We suggest you first download this REFERENCE WORKSHEET to guide your preparation of the application, as you must enter all details in the application form at once and cannot resubmit an application.  Please fill out and submit the following materials to apply for the program: 

1) Curriculum Vitae Sheet - OIST CV SHEET

2) Personal StatementSTATEMENT SHEET

3) Academic Transcript - Upload a scan of your current academic transcript in PDF format. Unofficial partial transcripts are accepted.

4) Recommendation LetterA letter of reference from an academic or research professional familiar with your work is required.  Please consider that the request for a recommendation letter will not be sent until your application is submitted, so keep this in mind as you plan your application timeline. The application system will ask him/ her directly, using the email contact details that you provide.  Depending on account settings, our automatically generated email may be filtered to junk or bulk mail, so in case of a delay, please notify him/ her  to check beyond the inbox to insure timely processing of your recommendation letter.  Please arrange for the consent of that person before submitting their details in the form.  Be sure to also confirm the e-mail address before entering it in the web-formApplicants will be automatically notified by the application system when a letter of recommendation is received.  

5) ID Photo - Upload a recent photo, showing your face from the front in standard passport orientation (image must be in JPG format, and less than 5 MB).

Once you have obtained all the documents above, please attach and apply to the program through this APPLICATION FORM