Research Internship

Two to six months financially-supported internship program, offering opportunities to gain experience in a laboratory to learn specific research techniques at OIST campus. 

Eligibility: Undergraduate and master students

OIST Science Challenge

Interested in experiencing what a PhD student life is like? Come see and register for OIST Science Challenge workshop! 


OIST is coming to your town! OIST Café is a casual science talk session where you can meet with OIST students, researchers, and members of the Graduate School to learn about exciting research and PhD Program offered at OIST. The sessions are delivered in English, and often held in major cities in Japan. 

Eligibility: Anyone interested in learning about OIST PhD Program
Details: ​

Skill Pills+

A one-weekend workshop to provide a basic set of practical skills to enhance your scientific knowledge that       can be applied directly in future research and studies. 

Eligibility: Undergraduate and master students in Japan

Science Festival

An annual OIST-wide event for public held in the fall season, offering entertaining scientific activities, experiments, and talks for anyone interested in learning about the university. The visitors will have the opportunity to enter laboratory buildings, and experience research environment on campus. People from all ages and backgrounds are welcome!

Eligibility: Anyone


OIST Workshop

Stay up to date with the advances of scientific knowledge by participating in some of the dozens of international workshops, symposia, and summer schools organized throughout the year at OIST. By inviting some of the most prominent researchers around the world, OIST workshops offer unique opportunity to observe the latest advances in science and research.​

Eligibility: By invitation, or by application

Internal Seminar

The OIST Internal Seminars are informal meetings within the OIST community, where students, postdocs, and professors alike get to share a piece of their daily research lives. One of the goals of the seminars is to foster an interdisciplinary, cooperative environment within the campus.

Eligibility: OIST members