Access to First-Rate Equipment
As a graduate student at OIST you have access to outstanding laboratory facilities and the equipment you need to get you to the cutting edge in your research area. Instrumentation is available for observation from nanoscale dimensions through to large ecosystems. For the full list of equipment available at OIST, please visit our Research Equipment Gallery.

Engineering Support Section

The Engineering Support section provides in house prototyping, small scale engineering, and design and fabrication of nano and microscale materials services to support our research programs in areas as diverse as engineering, materials sciences, experimental physics, and neuroscience.

Teaching Labs

The Graduate School operates several teaching labs to support teaching in many courses, with dedicated facilities for laser physics, electronics, neuroscience, molecular biology and chemistry, using the same quality equipment as used in the research units.

Marine Science Station

The OIST Marine Science Station in nearby Seragaki (5-minute drive from OIST main campus) offers space for marine life and marine physics experiments, with tanks and holding facilities supplied with fresh seawater, and dock access for research vessels and diving.

Imaging Section

OIST maintains a large range of cutting-edge facilities, instruments, and research support services in optical and electron microscopy of many types, offering research collaboration, training, and advice in any imaging you may need, for both physical and life sciences.

Scientific Computing

One of Japan’s largest and fastest computers, the Deigo cluster provides access to all staff and students to a sophisticated and powerful research computer, with excellent support from dedicated scientific computing experts to make your code really fly.

Instrumental Analysis Section

The Instrumental Analysis Section houses all large analysis instruments in OIST, as common and shared equipment, with in-house expert staff providing support, technical training, sample preparation and analysis in multi-mode mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, lab automation and many others.