Beyond the Curriculum

Skill Pills

OIST offers learning and teaching opportunities beyond the courses. The Skill Pills, extracurricular nanocourses, provide a platform for OIST members, including students, to teach practical skills to other OIST members, on topics including science, mathematics, programming languages, computer programs and productivity tools.

Skill Clinic

Improve your proficiency at your pace with a topic of your choice, ranging anywhere from mathematics or chemistry to programming languages, by attending the Skill Clinic. You will meet a volunteer tutor every week and work with her/him on exercises and problems. Improve your proficiency further by volunteering to tutor other students in a topic of your choice.

Access to First-Rate Equipment

As a graduate student at OIST you have access to outstanding laboratory facilities and the equipment you need to get you to the cutting edge in your research area. Instrumentation is available for observation from nanoscale dimensions through to large ecosystems. For the full list of equipment available at OIST, please visit our Research Equipment Gallery.

Communication Is Key

You will hear many languages in the hallways of OIST. Improve your proficiency in either Japanese or English by attending a language course appropriate for your level. The courses range from basic to advanced, and cover a variety of topics, including reading, writing, grammar, and conversation skills.

If our English needs a boost before starting the PhD program, apply to the Gap Program.