Please note: Acceptance to any research unit at OIST is at the discretion of the faculty.  For each application round only a limited number of interns will be admitted.  Not all available faculty will be able to accept an intern.  Projects listed below are subject to change.  OIST Faculty will assign work to research interns as appropriate, in discussion with each intern. 

Professor  Unit Name

Starting between 

Apr-Sep 2021


Starting between 

Oct 2021-Mar 2022


Faculty Research Interests and Project Information

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Mahesh Bandi Nonlinear and Non-equilibrium Physics Unit No availablity through Sept 2021 TBD  
Thomas Busch Quantum Systems 2 positions  maximum TBD Projects of theoretical nature in the area of ultra cold atoms, quantum information and quantum engineering. Students should have a background in physics and during their time with us will get an overview of the current state of the area, and do analytical or numerical work on a project related to a currently ongoing research project, depending on their interest.
Thomas Bourguignon Evolutionary Genomics  1 position  maximum TBD

The topic of the project will be determined according to the research interest of the intern. Examples of research projects are: comparative genomics of termites, coevolution between termites and the intracellular parasites Wolbachia and Cardinium, coevolution between termites and their gut prokaryotes.

Pinaki Chakraborty Fluid Mechanics (Unit Video) 1 position maximum TBD Projects in turbulent flows in many applications.
Keshav Dani Femtosecond Spectroscopy 2 positions maximum TBD Projects available in two-dimensional materials and energy materials using techniques in van der Waals heterostructure fabrication, ultrafast spectroscopy and photoemission spectroscopy. Students with a prior background in these fields would be competitive.
Erik De Schutter Computational Neuroscience 1 position maximum TBD Computational neuroscience, particularly modeling of cerebellar neurons and circuits and of hippocampal synapses. Also software development.
Kenji Doya Neural Computation   (Unit Video) 1 position  maximum from Oct 2020 TBD

Projects in computational neuroscience and brain-inspired artificial intelligence.

Evan Economo Biodiversity and Biocomplexity  (Unit Video) 2 positions  maximum No positions Projects  are related to evolution, ecology, biodiversity:  population genetics, morphological evolution, biogeography, 3D imaging and modeling, community ecology of ants.
Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov Applied Topology Unit TBD TBD  
Yejun Feng Electronic and Quantum Magnetism 2 positions  maximum TBD Optical projects including Raman and reflectivity types. Projects on high temperature sample growth and characterizations.
Eliot Fried Mathematics, Mechanics and Materials 2 positions  maximum TBD

Theory, simulation, and simple experiments focused on physical and biological processes with interesting geometrical or topological features, including the formation of holes during the growth of the "Swiss cheese plant" (genus monstera), the water driven erosion of stone, the formation of ridges and cracks on the bark of growing trees, and the healing of punctured soap films.

Tom Froese Embodied Cognitive Science Unit 2 positions  maximum TBD
  1.  swarm robotics to study the self-organization of social complexity;
  2.  human-computer interaction studies to investigate how digital technology becomes incorporated   into our behavior;
  3.  EEG hyperscanning experiments to study the neural underpinnings of social interaction;
  4.  sensory substitution studies to investigate the dynamics of perceptual learning.
Tomoki Fukai  Neural Coding and Brain Computing Unit 2 positions  maximum TBD
  1.  computational neuroscience models of cognitive function.
  2.  mathematical/biological mechanisms of learning.
  3.  analysis of neural activity data for exploring neural code.
Izumi Fukunaga Sensory and Behavioral Neuroscience No positions  in 2020 TBD  
Gustavo Gioia Continuum Physics 1 position  maximum TBD Projects in solid mechanics in many applications
Igor Goryanin Biological Systems 2 positions maximum TBD See unit website for details.
Shinobu Hikami Mathematical and Theoretical Physics 1 position  maximum TBD  
Philipp Höhn Qubits and Spacetime Unit TBD TBD  
Filip Husnik Evolution, Cell Biology, and Symbiosis Unit 2 positions maximum TBD

Projects related to genomics and evolutionary cell biology of diverse symbioses (in deep sea protists, insects, corals, etc.) are available depending on interests of the intern.

Hiroki Ishikawa Immune Signalling No positions in 2020 TBD  
Ryota Kabe Organic Optoelectronics Unit 1 position  maximum from Oct 2020 TBD

Development of organic glow-in-the-dark systems including organic synthesis and optical measurements.

Julia Khusnutdinova Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis 2 positions  maximum TBD Stimuli-responsive polymers containing dynamic transition metal complexes; Homogeneous hydrogenation and dehydrogenation using earth-abundant metals (Fe, Mn); dynamic metal complexes and small molecule activation, as well as many other projects related to the use of transition metal complexes in catalysis, bond activation and stimuli-responsive polymers. The work involves organic and organometallic synthesis. Check more details at
Tomomi Kiyomitsu Cell Division Dynamics Unit No positions TBD  
Keiko Kono Membranology Unit 1 position maximum TBD See unit website for details.
Denis Konstantinov Quantum Dynamics 2 positions  maximum TBD
  1. Electrons in confined geometry and microwave-excited electrons on helium.
  2. Electron spins in diamond for QIP applications.
Akihiro Kusumi Membrane Cooperativity 1 position maximum TBD See unit website for details.
Bernd Kuhn Optical Neuroimaging 1 position maximum TBD

Project involves training in animal surgery, in vivo two-photon imaging, and/or data analysis dependent on the interest and background of the applicant. Applicants who might want to join the OIST Graduate Program in the field of Neuroscience are specifically encouraged to apply.

Vincent Laudet

Marine Eco-Evo-Devo Unit TBD TBD  
Paola Laurino Protein Engineering and Evolution  2 positions  maximum TBD

Different projects on enzymes evolution and design, e.g. protein engineering for biocatalysis or reconstruction of ancient folds. Requires some experience in organic chemistry or molecular biology or biochemistry.

Nicholas Luscombe Genomics and Regulatory Systems Unit 2 positions maximum TBD See unit website for details.
Ichiro Maruyama Information Processing Biology (Unit Video) No positions  1 position maximum Projects in associative learning and memory in the nematode C. elegans.
Ichiro Masai Developmental Neurobiology 2 positions maximum TBD Eye development in the zebrafish as a model system of neural development.
Sasha Mikheyev Ecology and Evolution 2 positions maximum TBD See unit website for details
Jonathan Miller Physics and Biology 2 positions maximum TBD  
Satoshi Mitarai Marine Biophysics 2 positions maximum TBD

The Marine Biophysics Unit seeks research interns in Ocean Modeling, starting January 2021. The successful candidate will contribute to the development of regional ocean circulation models in the past, present, and under predicted future climatic conditions. Desirable qualifications include bachelor’s degrees in Fluid Mechanics, Physical Oceanography or a related field, and programing skills in FORTRAN and MATLAB.

Gene Myers Algorithms for Eco And Evo Genomics Unit TBD TBD  
Akimitsu Narita Organic and Carbon Nanomaterials Unit TBD TBD  
Yasha Neiman Quantum Gravity  1 position  maximum TBD See unit website for details of the group’s research.
Síle Nic Chormaic Light-Matter Interactions For Quantum Technologies 2 positions  maximum  TBD Experimental work (with some simulations) in cold atoms, Rydberg atoms, laser cooling, atomic spectroscopy, optical nanofibre mode propagation, optical trapping of submicron particles, nonlinear optics in whispering gallery resonators.   The work is usually mainly experimental and preference given to students who can commit to longer internships (more than 3 months). 
Yoshinori Okada Quantum Materials Science 2 positions maximum  TBD

Projects are available in exotic magnetic 2D materials growth and characterizations. 

For details see unit website.Longer-stay is preferred.

Svante Pääbo Human Evolutionary Genomics Unit TBD TBD  
Simone Pigolotti Biological Complexity  2 positions  maximum TBD Our main research activity is in theoretical and computational modeling of biophysical systems, ranging from stochastic molecular kinetics to population dynamics. Projects in non-equilibrium statistical physics and stochastic thermodynamics are also available. Candidates with background in these areas and interested in medium to long stays (i.e. more than three months) will be given preference.
Yabing Qi Energy Materials and Surface Sciences 2 positions  maximum TBD
  1. Research projects on energy storage materials and devices (e.g. Li ion batteries).
  2. Research projects on energy harvesting materials and devices (e.g. solar cells).
Timothy Ravasi Marine Climate Change Unit 1 position  maximum TBD Effect of Climate Change on Coral Reef fish communities.
Sam Reiter Computational Neuroethology Unit 1 position  maximum 1 position  maximum
  • Computational analysis of cephalopod behavior 
  • Tissue clearing and light sheet imaging of cephalopod brains
Daniel Rokhsar Molecular Genetics Unit TBD TBD  
Marco Edoardo Rosti Complex Fluids and Flows Unit 2 positions  maximum TBD Numerical simulations of laminar and turbulent complex flows.
Nori Satoh Marine Genomics No positions in 2020  TBD  
Hidetoshi Saze Plant Epigenetics 2 positions maximum TBD

Projects in epigenome analysis of plant genomes.

Nic Shannon Theory of Quantum Matter 2 positions maximum TBD

Theoretical projects exploring different aspects of quantum materials, condensed matter and statistical physics. Projects may be analytic or numerical in nature, and will be tailored to individual students, depending on their previous experience.

Amy Shen Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics  (Unit Video) 2 positions  maximum TBD Projects in the general area of microfluidics and rheology (instabilities, mixing, separations), with many biotechnology applications. See unit website for details of ongoing research. 
Tsumoru Shintake Quantum Wave Microscopy 1 position  maximum TBD  
Ulf Skoglund Structural Cellular Biology 1 position maximum TBD  
Daniel Spector Nonlinear Analysis Unit No availablity through Aug 2021 TBD

Projects in Foundations of Analysis, in Partial Differential Equations and Modeling, in Foundations of Harmonic Analysis, as well as others based on ability and interest.

Liron Speyer Representation Theory and Algebraic Combinatorics Unit

No positions in 2020

Greg Stephens Biological Physics Theory 2 positions maximum TBD See for an overview of our current interests and publications. Available projects include social behavior in zebrafish, the collective colony dynamics of honeybees and theoretical work in information theory and dynamical systems, especially new operator approaches.
Hiroki Takahashi Experimental Quantum Information Physics

2 positions maximum 


  1. Projects to design, fabricate and test new ion traps with micro optical cavities.
  2. Projects to set up a new optical lab with lasers and trap atomic ions in vacuum.
Tomoyuki Takahashi Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function  2 positions maximum TBD
  1. Functional studies on synaptic dysfunctions in human iPSC-derived neuronal culture models, using imaging and electrophysiological techniques.
  2. Proteomic-based studies of synaptic proteins regarding their brain regional differences and differences between diseased and healthy humans.
Fujie Tanaka Chemistry and Chemical Bioengineering 1 position maximum TBD

Projects in synthetic organic chemistry related to the development of chemical transformation methods, the development of organocatalysts, and the synthesis of functionalized molecules.

Kazumasa Tanaka Memory Research Unit No positions No positions The Memory Research Unit aims to understand how memories are stored and used in the mammalian brain. Towards this goal, we combine genetic interventions, including optogenetic manipulation of neuronal activity, and electrophysiology/calcium imaging in freely moving mice. Successful applicants will learn one or more of these approaches and conduct a small research project. See unit website for details.
Jun Tani Cognitive Neurorobotics 1 position maximum TBD Projects related to cognitive neurorobotics. Longer periods preferred.
Marco Terenzio Molecular Neuroscience Unit TBD TBD  
Emile Touber Shocks, Solitons and Turbulence Unit 1 position maximum TBD  

Reiko Toriumi

Gravity, Quantum Geometry and Field Theory

2 positions maximum TBD  
Gail Tripp Human Developmental Neurobiology 1 position  maximum TBD  
Jason Twamley Quantum Machines Unit TBD TBD  
Marylka Yoe Uusisaari Neuronal Rhythms in Movement 1 position maximum TBD Projects involving either animal kinematic analysis or viral-based neuronal tracing. 
Hiroshi Watanabe Evolutionary Neurobiology Unit

1 position maximum

Jeff Wickens Neurobiology Research    2 positions maximum TBD
  1.  Focussed ultrasound effects on the brain.
  2.  Mouse behavior in virtual reality.
Matthias Wolf Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy 1 position maximum TBD  
Tadashi Yamamoto Cell Signalling 1 position maximum  TBD Projects in regulation of gene expression at the mRNA level, signaling in neuronal cells and cancer cells, and regulation of obesity using mouse models.
Mitsuhiro Yanagida G0 Cell Unit 1 position maximum TBD  
Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama Neuronal Mechanisms for the Critical Period 1 position maximum TBD  
Yohei Yokobayashi Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering 2 positions  maximum TBD

Experimental projects on functional nucleic acids (e.g. design riboswitches to control gene expression in living cells and in cell-free systems, high-throughput analysis of ribozymes). Requires some experience in molecular biology or biochemistry experiments. Some projects may require basic programming skills (e.g. Python) to analyze large sequencing datasets.

Yutaka Yoshida

Neural Circuit Unit

Ye Zhang Bioinspired Soft Matter No No Tuning nano- or micro-structures through molecular manipulation.
Design and synthesis of active matter.
Xiaodan Zhou Analysis on Metric Spaces Unit No positions 1 position maximum

Projects related to analysis and partial differential equations on Heisenberg group, sub-Riemannian manifolds and general metric measure spaces.