Student Support

Financial support

All students receive an internationally competitive financial support package. OIST offers financial support comparable to that offered by other leading research universities.

Students in the PhD program are expected to engage full-time in advanced study and research. Financial support of 2.4 million yen per year (taxable) is provided for each year of approved full-time study, which is sufficient to ensure a comfortable standard of living. Course fees will also be covered. Students additionally receive support for relocation to Okinawa, a personal computer and financial support for educational travel and conference attendance.

While the University maintains financial support system, students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fellowships. In order to reward success, remuneration provided by the university as an OIST Research Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship may be used to supplement external fellowships, up to a maximum of 3.0 million yen total, which is 0.6 million yen above the standard level.


OIST has a Campus Clinic service including an on-site doctor during working hours. If necessary, the clinic refers students to local health services. Excellent hospitals and clinics are available in Okinawa, and assistance with English and other languages is available. All OIST students also have accident and disaster insurance.

The Ganjuu Wellbeing Service

Ganjuu” is an Okinawan word meaning ‘good, well, strong, healthy’.  In order to thrive in the OIST environment, people need a certain level of Ganjuu. Qualified clinical psychologists and counsellors support and nurture Ganjuu in the whole of the OIST community, providing a range of services in both English and Japanese. If other languages are required they can work through interpreters.


There are rental bicycles and electric cars available for researchers and students for free of charge.
OIST also has university bus services for commuting and shopping trips.


Excellent accommodation is provided in an area called the Campus Village, which is situated on a lake and surrounded by natural forest on a hillside overlooking subtropical beaches.

Living Space

Students may choose among architecturally designed single, double, or family housing options that include kitchen and living rooms. Housing is located a short walk from amenities such as a convenience store and fitness gym, and close to the laboratory buildings. The apartments are all brand new with stunning sea views only a 5-minute walk from a beautiful beach. Students are expected to live on campus for the first year of their program, and are welcomed to stay longer.

Club Activities

One cannot fully experience student life without social life. OIST offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as clubs, where students can participate in a wide range of activities from athletics to arts. The club activities form various interactions with individuals from in and out of OIST community, enriching students' social and cultural life in Okinawa.  

Student Support Section

A dynamic and efficient student support section provides front-line help to students in all matters concerned with their life at graduate school.