Degree Structure

Individualized Program

The OIST Graduate University offers an individualized PhD program providing a secure foundation in the fundamentals of your field, with unparalleled opportunities for cross-disciplinary research. We recognize every student as a unique individual and take this into account in the design of each student’s program.

Ph.D Program Structure

The PhD program is structured as follows:

  • Year 1: Research rotations in three different units, in parallel with basic and advanced courses.
  • Year 2: The start of research on the thesis topic, in the thesis research unit, in parallel with remaining course requirements. A qualifying examination leads to candidacy.
  • Years 3 to 5: Thesis research continues toward submission of a completed thesis for examination.
  • Professional Development continues throughout the program.

Real Experience in the Lab

About 60 cutting-edge laboratories offer thesis research opportunities in a range of fields including physics, chemistry, mathematical and computational sciences, marine sciences, neuroscience, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, and environmental and ecological science. The absence of a departmental structure promotes science without borders.

Side by Side

From the beginning, students work side-by-side with world-class faculty and researchers in well-equipped laboratories, learning research by doing research. A program of professional development continues throughout the program to prepare students for leadership roles in science and technology.

Academic Services Section

The academic services section administers the PhD program to facilitate your academic progress from enrolment to graduation.