I. Conditions to Apply:

To be eligible for the OIST Graduate Program, you must have completed a BSc, MSc or equivalent degree or expect to do so prior to the admission date.

Applicants need to select OIST “Faculty of Interest” during their online application for the purpose of screening and coordinating interviews for shortlisted applicants. This does not mean the student is committed to join the laboratory of the selected faculty if they are admitted. Students are admitted into the program rather than into the laboratory of a certain professor. The broad nature of the training we provide in the first two years allows students to discover many different approaches to the problem they are interested in and may even introduce them to completely new questions. Students become based in their intended thesis lab at the end of the first year, and their thesis topic is finalized after a qualifying examination at the end of the second year.

Admission to OIST is competitive against a standard that is similar to that of graduate programs of the leading universities the world over. The selection process for admissions takes into account all aspects of the OIST Graduate School application, including: academic record, applicant's statement, letters of recommendation, additional evidence of academic ability such as GRE general test scores, additional material such as copies of publications and abstracts of oral presentations, and any other evidence of achievement provided. For short-listed applicants, the selection process additionally takes into account face-to-face interviews with four faculty members. All of these aspects are considered together in the final decision for each candidate.


II. PhD Online Application:

You do not need to provide us with TOEFL/IELTS score if the medium of your education is English and you upload documents to prove so.

If you are unable to meet the deadline to take the test, please follow the instructions below.

  • Register for the nearest TOEFL / IELTS exam
  • Create a text document that lists (a) the date you are going to take the test and (b) the date you expect to receive your results.
  • Make a PDF of the note
  • Upload the PDF to your application
  • When you receive your scores, make sure to send a scanned copy of them by e-mail to admissions@oist.jp.

For the online application, you can upload other government issued identification documents instead. If you receive a positive result and are invited to Okinawa for the Admissions Workshop, we will need the copy of your valid passport at that time for visa application and travel arrangement.

It is the same date as the application deadline. Please communicate with your referees to make sure the letters are submitted by then.

Yes, you can submit your application whenever you are ready. The system will continue to be able to receive recommendation letter submission until the deadline.

Once you have invited your referees, you can check the status of your invitation by logging in to your account. You will be able to see the status of your invitation (Sent, In Progress, Submitted). You can also resend your invitation.
Depending on the settings of your referees’ email accounts, there are cases the invitation letter sent from the system will be classified as Spam or Bulk mails. If your referees cannot find the invitation from their Inbox, please ask them to check Spam or Bulk folder as well.

You can no longer make any changes to the application once it is submitted, and you cannot withdraw it yourself. If you really must make some changes to your application, you may request us to reverse the status of your application to “In Progress” by emailing us at admissions@oist.jp. However, it is your responsibility to submit your application again before the deadline. Please take enough time to revise your application and make final submission. There are no advantages by submitting the application earlier.

OIST uses an internet-based application system so we do not require submission of any document in hard copies. You only need to scan the documents and upload them on our online application system.If you are a successful candidate, some hard copies will be needed for visa application and enrollment process. You will be further instructed at that stage.


III. Result Announcement:

For the 1st screening, it usually takes about 4-5 weeks after each application deadline, depending on the volume of applications we receive. For the final result after Admissions Workshop (interviews), it takes about 3 weeks. Both results are announced via the application system.

OIST policy is not to provide explanations for admissions decisions to individual candidates. The assessment of your submitted materials was made with reference to a set of criteria that are specific to the OIST Graduate School. A negative decision at OIST therefore should not deter you from applying to other institutions - each university admits students based on their specific requirements and goals.

You may apply again in the following year given that your academic records have made some progress to reconsider. Please submit an updated transcript with other supplemental documents when you reapply.


IV. Enrolling at OIST:

An experienced MSc student may take less than 5 years to complete the program. However, the PhD is not awarded on the basis of duration of study. The important thing is to complete and defend a thesis that embodies original, independent research and makes a contribution to scientific knowledge and understanding. It may take 3-4 years for students with an MSc degree to complete the program depending on their level of preparation.

As all students enrolled in OIST PhD program are fully-funded with a generous Research Assistantship, you are not allowed to work part-time. The Research Assistantship ensures a comfortable living in Okinawa so that students can focus on research.


V. Other:

The selection criteria of OIST and the MEXT Scholarship Program do not coincide with each other and therefore OIST does not take students from the MEXT Scholarship Program. If you wish to apply to OIST, please apply directly through our official online application system, not through the MEXT Scholarship Program application. However, if you would like to apply for both the MEXT Scholarship Program and OIST graduate program simultaneously, you may certainly do so.

The OIST PhD program is fully funded for all OIST students regardless the nationality. The funding not only covers full tuition but ensures a comfortable living standard as well. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about acquiring additional scholarships or financial aid at the time of application.