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    After receiving the Offer Letter via application system
    The Graduate School will finalize the date of when you will join the internship program with you and the hosting unit. We will contact you approximately 3.5 months in advance to your desired starting date.
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    3 Months Prior to Enrollment
    The Student Affairs Section will communicate with you via email to start logistic arrangements. In the case a visa is required, we will also apply for your Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). You will then take the CoE and related documents to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate-General nearest you and apply for visa in person.
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    1 Month Prior to Enrollment
    Flight arrangements to Okinawa will be made and housing allocation will be decided.
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    1 Day Before Starting the Internship
    Arrive in Okinawa! Welcome to OIST!
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    After Enrollment
    Attend the Research Intern Orientation