OIST Caféとは、コーヒー片手にカジュアルに参加できる、理系の学生のためのサイエンスカフェです。沖縄科学技術大学院(OIST)での博士課程、リサーチインターンシップ、また様々なサイエンスワークショップについて紹介されます。分野の壁を越え、教育・研究を全て英語で行っているユニークな環境、さらに学生の85%が外国人というOISTの博士課程についても、OIST現役学生及び修了生の視点からの大学生活紹介があります。OISTってどんな大学院?英語の必要なレベルは?卒業後のキャリアオプションとは?など、あなたの疑問に全てお答えします!


OIST NetCafé (オンライン大学院説明会)




Ilhem Nadia Rabehi (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2021)

Nadia was born and raised in Algeria, she studied physics of matter at Djelfa university as an undergrad and got a master's degree in energy engineering from Pan African University. Then she joined the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) in Egypt as an intern. Currently, Nadia is enjoying making solar cells and delving into this research field at the Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit (PI: Professor Qi Yabing). In her free time, Nadia is exploring the natural beauty of Okinawa, enjoys the diversity of the OIST community, and has the daily pleasure of drinking coffee in front of a wonderful ocean view.

Sutashu Tomonaga (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2021)

Engineer by training, he spent his undergraduate years attempting to quantify Machine Learning models' generalizability. Since starting at OIST, he has become interested in neuroscience and joined the Neural Computation Unit (Doya Unit). His research interests are in emotion regulation and mental health improvement, and he plans to use this as inspiration to create a framework for developing a dynamic system capable of identifying abnormalities that can be used for both mental and physical well-being. He is currently working on a collaboration project with a company to design a system that employs machine learning methods and draws from neurophysiology studies to evaluate and enhance human health using data from wearable devices. As for his recreational interests, he has recently been enjoying juggling and running.

Sarah Zakhia (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2020)

Sarah was born and raised in Lebanon. She received her BSc in Biology from the Lebanese American University. She then worked for a couple of years at several companies while at the same time doing research at a Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology Lab at the university where she received her undergraduate degree. After a few years of working in industry while maintaining her passion for academic research she applied for the PhD program at OIST and joined the Molecular Neuroscience Unit where she now does research on the role of extracellular vesicles in the pathology of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis using motor neurons derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells from ALS patients.