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    Immediately After Offer Acceptance
    Submit desired enrollment month and lab rotations. The Academic Year officially begins in September. However, you may request to enroll in May (Early Enrollment) or in the following January (Late Enrollment).
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    2 Months Prior to Enrollment
    Begin process for visa application. The Student Affairs Section will communicate with you via email and prepare the documents you will need to apply for visa. You will then take the documents to the nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate-General and apply for visa in person.
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    1 Month Prior to Enrollment
    Flight arrangements to Okinawa will be made and housing allocation will be decided.
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    3 Weeks Prior to Enrollment
    Assignment to lab rotations and mentors will be determined. If necessary, you may contact the professor of your assigned lab or the mentor.
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    2 Weeks Prior to Enrollment
    Get ready to move and ship necessities to Okinawa.
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    1 Week~1 Day Before Enrollment
    Arrive in Okinawa! Welcome to OIST!
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    After Enrollment
    Welcome Ceremony (September only), orientation week, course registration, and finally, commencement of classes.
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    Financial Support for Relocation
    Costs for relocation, including moving expenses and travel expenses will be provided by OIST. The Student Affairs Section will notify you of the details after offer acceptance is confirmed.