Yuna Hattori

I am researching turbulence. I'm particularly interested in phenomena created by two-dimensional fluids, whose movement is quite different from three-dimensional ones. I conduct experiments using soap film as well as theoretical research. I chose the Fluid Mechanics Unit not only based on my interest in the research subject matter and methodology, but also because of the captivating professors.

OIST is structured into small classes open to any student in any field creating a fun atmosphere where students in varying specializations can learn from each other. When I first started researching, I sometimes got depressed when faced with my own intellectual limitations, but by completely changing my mindset, I was able to start learning so many things through research that had eluded me. My little bouts with depression ended and I feel such fulfillment when finding answers.

Despite being located off the main island of Okinawa, OIST's network of partner universities and laboratories is not just limited to Japan but spans the entire globe, teeming with exchanges that stimulate us. In the future, I want to continue research activities fully leveraging the knowledge and network I acquired at OIST.

Fall 2016