Thomas Nieddu

One of Thomas Nieddu’s favorite moments at OIST occurred during a class with Professor Thomas Busch, who investigates theoretical concepts of the quantum world. Thomas had just completed a course with Professor Busch, who encouraged him to continue studying quantum physics. Thomas recalls telling Professor Busch that he only succeeded in the class because of his motivation at that particular moment. “Professor Busch said not to worry,” said Thomas. “Professor Busch said that’s the feeling of every scientist; it’s up to you to learn more and become better at what you do.” Thomas, now in his second year is studying how to use lasers to cool atoms.

Thomas says that the hardest part of coming to OIST was moving away from his family. When he told his parents about applying to OIST, they were really worried he would move away from his home country Belgium. The following year, Thomas’ mother visited him at OIST and said she completely understood the decision. “She could tell the difference between my lab in Belgium and my lab here,” Thomas said.

In his free time, Thomas enjoys working with the OIST gardening club. “It’s relaxing more than anything,” he says, describing how much he likes watching the plants grow into food. “You feel proud to say that these were a product of the garden,” says Thomas.

August 2014