Lin Li

First year student Lin Li was eight years old when he started playing with his father’s and grandfather’s old eyeglasses in his home in northern China. “I used a lens to see the small pixels on the television,” he said, describing how much he loved television and wanted to see how it worked. Soon after, he too needed glasses to see, but this only continued his interest in optics. At twelve, he made a microscope using recycled eyeglass lenses to see the pixels on a mobile phone.

Years later, optics is still Lin’s favorite part of physics, but he’s exploring his options through the rotation program being offered in the OIST Ph.D. program. In his spare time, Lin plays the piano. He began learning two years ago, from a student at his previous university. His favorite songs to practice are from Japanese animated films. “Often I learn the music and then I want to learn what the movie is about,” said Lin.

Before coming to Okinawa, Japan, OIST offered Lin the chance to spend eight weeks at the University of Oxford in the UK to practice his English. He completed a homestay and attended daily classes at the language school. “Plus,” said Lin, “I made lots of friends from all over the world!”

Autumn 2014