Research Resources

OIST offers excellent, modern facilities; it is clearly attracting some of the best brains in the world. - Jonathan Dorfan, Former President

As a graduate student at OIST you have access to outstanding laboratory facilities and the equipment you need to get you to the cutting edge in your research area. Instrumentation is available for observation from nanoscale dimensions through to large ecosystems. You have ready access to instruments according to your research requirements. Facilities include state-of-the-art gene sequencers, mass spectrometers, light and electron microscopy with confocal and two-photon microscopes, atomic force microscopy and other surface characterization equipment, clean room for device fabrication, and high-performance computing. Computing facilities provide general purpose computing resources as well as exotic architectures selected to provide a significant impact on scientific discovery. A coastal ocean-observatory system with a variety of sensors has been installed off the shore of popular Chura-umi Aquarium.

Access to excellent laboratory facilities and advanced equipment is necessary for graduate student thesis research to be at the cutting edge. The newly completed laboratory buildings are state-of-the-art. Individual laboratories are very well equipped for all research requirements. These conditions ensure that students have the opportunity to realize their full potential in research.


Scientific Computing Equipment

A wide range of scientific software, including site licences for major products such as Matlab, Labview, Mathematica, Comsol, Origin and Amira.


Scientific Computing Equipment

Over 3 Petabytes of storage capacity available to all researchers and students.

Computing Cluster

Scientific Computing Equipment

A 10000 core High Performance Computing Cluster, with specialised hardware for high memory and high bandwidth applications

NanoSystems Solutions D-Light DL-1000

Maskless Lithography System

NanoSystems Solutions
D-Light DL-1000
Physics Equipment
Lithography Mask Aligner Suss Microtec MA6/BA6

Lithography Mask Aligner

Suss Microtec
Physics Equipment
Elionix ELS-7500EX

Electron Beam Lithography System

Physics Equipment