While enrolling at OIST as Research Interns, students have the opportunity to apply directly to the fully-funded PhD program. This process provides great benefit for interns to have their application processed immediately regardless of the regular application deadline. In addition to the knowledge gained during the internship, qualified students may walk away with an offer to join OIST PhD program at the unit they already are familiar with.


  • Join an internship at OIST for a total duration of 2 month or more (multiple internships at the same unit with the total duration of 2 months or more is also acceptable)
  • Satisfy basic requirements of PhD application
  • Nomination must be submitted at least 1 month before the end of internship

PhD Pathway Application process:

  • Host faculty to nominate the intern for Research Internship to PhD Pathway program
  • The intern must submit the Ph.D. application online with the host faculty member as one of the recommenders at least one month before the end of the internship period.
  • Complete the verification of Enrollment from your home university prior to the interview.
  • Conduct interviews with faculty members, an Admissions Committee member, and a Graduate School Committee member
  • Result announcement

For current research interns, please refer to this link for details.