Ankur Dhar

Lab rotations are part of the first year's learning framework exposing me to research fields outside my area of expertise in addition to my own specialization. I can think up new approaches to my own reserach and pay attention to how different fields are interconnected. For example, I can actually test the relativity between the physics involved in my own research with biology roviding me with an extremely meaningful experience with so many things to learn from it. 

In addition, rotations sometimes result in students withdrawing from the specialized field they intially elected to reserach and startup again in a completely different field. This is possible thansk to the OIST program and the freedom and openness it provides. 

OIST can be described as my ultimate payground thanks to the latest information and fantastic scientists assembled there. Since there's no manual on how to research freely, however, each individual student ultimately decides to what degree he or she is able to grow. I think OIST is optimal for students who require a free, open, and flexible environment. 

Fall 2016