Admission Workshop Overview

During the three-day Admissions Workshop, you will engage in a series of one-on-one interviews with OIST faculty members and informative orientation sessions to learn about student life at OIST. The workshop is aimed for you to interact and connect with the University community, providing a chance to explore what it is like to be a student in the OIST PhD Program.

  • face-to-face interviews

Conduct face-to-face interviews of candidates (minimum of 4 interviews, 30 minutes each) by the Admissions Committee or a subcommittee thereof. Prospective student will be interviewed on their aims and their motivation to undertake graduate studies at OIST. The panel will also discuss the student’s academic record and career aspirations. The student will have an opportunity to ask questions about the graduate program.

  • Campus Tour

Provide tours of OIST research and teaching facilities, student support and accommodation, and the surrounding environments.

  • Social Programs

Provide social programs giving an opportunity for students to meet existing students and faculty members.


Travel Arrangements Regarding Candidates Attending Admissions Workshop

For those invited to attend the workshop the travel costs will be paid by OIST. The workshop will comprise three days in Okinawa, with flexibility regarding additional time.


Meals and Accommodation

OIST will cover the cost of accommodation and meals for candidates attending the Admissions Workshop at the OIST Graduate University. Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be provided from the evening before through the morning after the workshop.


Final Selection

The Admissions Committee will make a final selection of applicants who will be offered a place in the graduate program. The successful applicants will be sent an official letter offering admission to the graduate program. If selected, you must then arrange for your official transcript to be delivered to OIST.

Successful applicants will be required to accept or decline the offer within 30 days. The deadline for accepting or declining the offer may be extended by the Admissions Committee. A ranked list of reserves will be kept for a second round of offers if places become available.