About OIST

It's a great place to be, because there are so many people from different areas who inspire you. - Chris Reinke, PhD Student

Lab-based graduate program

About 60 cutting-edge research units form the hub of the OIST Graduate University. The language of instruction and research is English. The culture is dominated by diversity with faculty and students originating from more than forty different countries. The academic program emphasizes a firm foundation in your core discipline, with opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and interaction. This emphasis on cooperation and interaction is built in to the architecture of the state-of-the-art laboratory buildings, which provide an outstanding environment for modern-day research and education.

Individualized program

A customized program of studies respects the talents and requirements of individual students. Laboratory rotations and a selection of courses provide preparation for thesis research that commences in the second year. In addition to established courses there are opportunities for independent study with world-class faculty members who provide teaching at the most advanced levels, special topics of current interest, and participation in world-renowned OIST international workshops as part of the program.

Graduation requirements

In order to graduate, students must complete an individually tailored curriculum including laboratory rotations, graduate courses, and undertake PhD thesis research that contributes significantly to scientific knowledge. The thesis is examined according to high international standards by an international panel. Financial support is available for up to five years of study.